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Description of the activities and research interests of the collaborating organisations



Diving status - Ioannis Lixourgiotis

DIVING STATUS was founded in December 2011 with the aim to offer underwater services to commercial vessels within or outside port limits (onshore, offshore).

The services offered are:

  • Underwater inspection of ship Ηull
  • Underwater cleaning of ship Hull and propellers
  • Underwater repair of ships
  • Underwater cleaning of ship Hull and propeller

Fuel is the number one operating cost for a ship. As mentioned, the marine fouling adhering to the hull increases the ship’s drag and reduces speed. The company offers direct underwater cleaning services of ship hull. The number of divers-technicians and equipment used depends on the size and type of the ship, the type and extent of the fouling and the available time available to carry out the work. The equipment used shall consist of underwater cleaning systems with rotary brushes.

The company’s innovation lies in the fact that we offer shipyard services underwater and within a few hours. These services are significantly cheaper, the readiness for support is immediate, they take hours to perform and the most importantly, the ship does not have to stop its route. In contrast, the same services in the shipyard are several times more expensive, the availability of the shipyard is limited, it takes days to perform the work and the ship is out of service, also, the ship has to stop its route.

Lixourgiotis Ioannis (Engineer-Driver)
Panagiotidis Dimitrios (Diver)
Papachristou Alexandros (Engineer-Designer)
Vasilakopoulos Vasilios (Engineer-Designer)
Avramila Evstathia (Engineer)
Damaskou Dimitra-Danae (Office Staff)

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Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR)

The Hellenic Marine Research Centre has extensive experience in the research of biodiversity of benthic macrofauna and especially in the Saronic Gulf region, which has been monitored here and has been monitored for more than 30 years, and is among the port of Chios the study area of the project. In the context of the research carried out by the HCMR has conducted numerous studies environmental impact studies and have been carried out and indicators related to pollution/impacts from industrial waste (tannery waste, red mud, coarse metallic waste, and other industrial waste, oil spills and trawling).

The Hellenic Marine Research Centre has an international presence in research on marine invasive species as participating as a member of the SEBI2010 expert group on trends in marine species, as an advisor to the EEA, UNEP/MAP MEDPOL and the UNEP MAP RAC/SPA for the development of MAMIAS (Mediterranean database), as a member the editorial group EASIN (European Alien Species Information Network – EASIN) of the the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), and as national expert in ESENIAS, ICES/IMO WGBOSV, COST 1209 and COST17122.
In addition, HCMR has developed the Hellenic Network for Aquatic Invasive Species (ELNAIS) ( and a pan-European database for which is continuously updated on the basis of contracts with the European Commission and the European Commission Environment Agency (EEA).

Among other things, IMBBC has a modern and fully equipped Genetics laboratory as well as extensive experience in DNA metabarcoding studies (assessment of DNA metabarcoding biodiversity from genetic analysis of environmental samples) including environmental DNA (eDNA) analyses (biodiversity assessment from genetic analysis of DNA diffused in the environment). It was the first laboratory in Greece, in 2009, to acquire a new generation genetic analyser, suitable for this type of research. Today, it has a new generation MiSeq (Illumina) genetic analyser and a large experience in laboratory analysis of samples for DNA metabarcoding. It also has a high performance computer cluster for the analysis and analysis of the genetic material.

Chatzigeorgiou Georgios (Researcher)
Gratia Eirini (Researcher)

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